First things first, is it a cookbook or recipe book?

I’m cooking at home.. again! I picked up the Pretty Simple Cooking recipe book at Goose the Market. Goose the Market is a full-service butcher shop, also serving cheese, sandwiches, and drinks daily! WINE ♥ If you’re still in need of the Pretty Simple recipe book, then I highly suggest stopping in and grabbing one from Goose the Market.

Haven’t heard of Pretty Simple Cooking? It is a recipe book full of VEGETARIAN dishes.. be still my heart! Reasons I truly love this book →

  • Simple Ingredients – I’m 25 and my cooking days are just beginning. I’ll admit, my pantry lacked many of the ‘basics’ for cooking. I’ve managed to purchase a few different items for these recipes and my ‘basics’ are slowly growing. I take my recipe book with me to the market and find everything I need! No shame 🙂
  • Pictures – Food photos make everything better
  • The directions are easy to follow!
  • I love the quotes throughout the book.. favorite quote “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t” – Michael Pollan, Food Rules 

Santorini Bowl 

Gluten Free • Vegan 

I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a delicious Santorini Bowl! The bowl is packed with so many ingredients I had not used in recipes before, so I did purchase a few new items. From the ingredient list of this recipe, I picked up white wine vinegar, bulgur wheat, and kalamata olives. I’m excited to see how I can use these items a little more often in my cooking. The other items on the list are pretty common in other recipes… or at least I think they are 🙂

There is also a homemade Creamy Artichoke Hummus recipe in the book. I had NO IDEA hummus was so easy to make at home. Find me making homemade hummus from now on.. spending five-dollars on hummus is a thing of the past. Overall, I’d say it was a simple recipe to pull together!

Want the full version? Purchase your copy here 🙂




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