Hi, party people.. foodie people.. my people..

I’m excited to be starting a blog! My Instagram doesn’t share the story behind what I do and my hopes are I can share that here. I think if I go to a restaurant and love every part about it, I’m going to want to share more than a sentence about my experience. This new thing may also come up, it’s that I actually don’t eat ALL of the time. I’ll be excited to share with you about what else I do! The mysteries of Meg.. but not the foodie? (I don’t think that’s a real thing)

Why did I start an Instagram about food?

Ah, I love food and talking to people about it. So flashback two years ago, when I was a wee college grad, fresh into the ‘real’ world. I moved back to Indianapolis, after spending four years in Southern Indiana for college. I started my job as a teacher in August of 2015 and quickly realized I needed a new hobby outside of my career. I picked up running and then never picked up any other hobbies. I should have taken this time to maybe pick up sewing or something. I wasn’t that practical and just kept running. I was going out to eat ALL THE TIME and photographing the pretty plates along the way. It was a casual thing and maybe more of an annoyance to everyone else around me.. weird thing, but I don’t remember knowing anyone else that took photos of their food! WHAT?! A time came when I had accumulated like hundreds of these darn food photos and I wasn’t doing anything with them.  My dad had this awesome idea, which was to create a website like Zomato. I obviously didn’t follow that yellow brick road because it was clearly already a success story. The second idea was to start an Instagram page. I’d like to take credit for the Instagram handle, but my dad actually thought of it. Cheers to my father for the creative mind! When I first started the account, I was also making recipes at home. It was fun to share, so I may try to add a few to the blog too! I’m not a good cook, but I’d like to consider myself a smart cook. A smart cook just creates recipes and the other cook follows. Cheers to my fellow smart cooks! It started in September 2015 and has grown since! I’ve met wonderful friends along the way, and can’t wait to see where the new blog takes me. AND that’s it, the short and simple story as to why in the world I have an Instagram feed with food pics.

Check back weekly for updates on where I’m at around the town. Want to comment? Please do so. I’d love to know what you want to hear about!




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